Spring ISD Board of Trustees

Position #2

Public education is intimately tied to the health of our community, our city, and our state! Investing in public schools and the children who receive their education in our public school system is truly the BEST investment we can make for Houston, Harris County, Texas and ultimately our nation. However, our children will NOT receive the BEST possible education if the school system upon which they depend is inefficient.

Being a member of the Spring ISD School Board requires leadership, vision, and dedication. It is a JOB that should not be undertaken lightly; it is not for use as a springboard to other elected offices. It is working in a responsible/respectful manner, with other members of the board to set the expectations and determine the policies which will govern the district. As a team, the entire board must hire the superintendent, assure that the budget is reasonable and funds are spent responsibly. School board members are a VITAL link between the community and the schools which serve them.

Having a school board representative with the interest of children, parents and the community is MOST imperative. As our world becomes more global in focus, our local schools must educate our students to face that world while assuring the local community is not left behind. In this time of charter schools, high stakes testing, reduction in state & federal funding for public education and requirements for more technology for our students, school board members must be prepared to find and implement solutions to move our schools and the business of education into the next decade…and beyond.

As your next School Board representative I want to:

  • Assure that parents & students have access to all services offered by their school – including special services for underserved/special needs students
  • Assure policies are implemented which give the district direction to set priorities and achieve its goals
  • Assure the budget is balanced as well as used in ways which enhance and support the education of students