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There was no place in Spring ISD for a student with behavioral problems that presented a danger to others, or for a student who engaged in serious or persistent misbehavior. These students were bused to the Harris County Department of Education Highpoint school. Unfortunately, assigned students sometimes failed to attend Highpoint and when they did attend, they were not receiving the work they needed to keep up with their classes. In addition, these students needed support and services. We found when students returned to their home campuses, they were behind in their classes and tended to engage in the same behavior that sent them to Highpoint in the first place.  

Richey Academy is Spring ISD’s in-house Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) located in a fully renovated building previously used for district support services. The school can accommodate up to 250 middle and high school students. ALL students are important to us in Spring ISD. When students behave in ways that disrupt classrooms or endanger other people, they need social/emotional services to return to their home campuses (see  “The academy supports learning, development and growth for students who have been reassigned due to conduct or behavioral issues – helping these students stay on track academically and develop skills to maintain positive interactions with peers and adults.” (Source:

We believe it is best to solve problems while they are small, not to wait until they are serious and widespread. We will push to increase social/emotional activities and programs for students of all ages in order to promote mindful strategies for student self-control and classroom discipline. We expect there will always be a need for a DAEP in Spring ISD, but our goal remains constant: empower students to monitor and control themselves.

This post is not an official Spring ISD communication. It expresses the personal opinions of Dr. Deborah Jensen/Position #1, Kelly P. Hodges, and Justine Durant/Position #3on the Spring ISD Board of Trustees. Any errors or omissions are ours.