Full-Day Pre-K Spring ISD is changing and your vote will keep it happening!

Full-Day Pre-K …..Spring ISD is changing and your vote will keep it happening!

There were no full-time pre-K programs in Spring ISD and the state of Texas did not provide support for those programs. The Spring ISD community had a huge need for such programs since the half-day pre-K schedule was difficult for working parents, and tests of entering kindergarten students showed a decrease in reading readiness skills.   

There are now 9 schools in Spring ISD that offer full-day pre-K for qualified students. The reading readiness skills of the students who attend our high quality, full-time pre-K have increased, and there are waiting lists for attending the full-day pre-K programs. The state of Texas recently began providing some support for certain students to attend full-day high-quality pre-K, but still does not provide full support. The leadership in Spring ISD continues to make these programs possible through a combination of local support, state support, partnerships, and grants.

We want to expand the opportunities for ALL four-year-old children to attend high-quality early childhood enrichment programs and for families to receive information about how to create a home environment that benefits a child’s development. 
We know that a wonderful idea without a strategy to support the program will not become a reality, so we will promote the partnerships that have been so important for early childhood education support. We will also work to make progress at the state level for funding ALL-day pre-K. It is an investment that will benefit Texas many times over in the years to come. (See an article about the benefits of high-quality pre-K programs on the entire lives of people: https://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2017/05/03/524907739/pre-k-decades-worth-of-studies-one-strong-message)

This post is not an official Spring ISD communication. It expresses the personal opinions of Dr. Deborah Jensen/candidate for Position #1Kelly P. Hodges/candidate for Position #2, and Justine Durant/candidate for Position #3on the Spring ISD Board of Trustees. Any errors or omissions are ours.